About Us

As a team, we strive to honor God while helping to equip young people of faith, vision, and character to fulfill their individual God-given calling as they:

Engage in life-changing discipleship (purposeful ministry)
Prepare for world-changing impact (vocation & skills)
Seize history-changing opportunities (influence & leadership)

We believe that every person of faith can team up with God to change a life, change the world, and change the course of history. We believe that this takes effort and that it’s worth it!

While we strive to accomplish this, we also are becoming better equipped, qualified, and excited about fulfilling our own individual, God-given life purpose.

We desire to be the best in the world in encouraging young people of faith and character to make wise choices, develop a life message and skills that will earn a hearing, engage in life-to-life ministry, and live out a life of God-given purpose. We exist to honor God in all we are, in all we do, and with all we have been entrusted.

The Team

Dewey Novotny
Mandy Pallock
Gina Robertson
Woody Robertson

The Contributors

Russ Bennett
Sarah Danaher
Elizabeth Fox
John Long
Sarah McMains
Catherine Overby
Alisa Price
David Rees
Andy Warner
Elizabeth Warner