The most profound gift you can ever impart to your children is a sense of God-given destiny. As a mother of teenaged daughters, I was uncertain how to guide this critical discovery. I longed for them to understand how God would faithfully weave every aspect of their uniqueness—their temperaments, strengths, talents, experiences and desires—as “signposts” to direct them to their future calling.

Life Purpose Planning provided not only the invaluable framework for this to occur, but also the knowledge of seeing how all of these facets were connected. As this process concluded, I was then so much more confident in how to specifically encourage them in their individual pursuits and decisions. I enthusiastically recommend every family incorporate Life Purpose Planning as an integral part of their preparation for launching. It is by far the most impactful and eternally significant treasure you could impart to your children.

Anita Kelly Couch, Starving Soul
Taking the time to ponder my life purpose is always a great return on the investment. For me, once I know what I am to do, I can filter all the things I do to see if I am doing things with meaning as well as having fun in life!
Abe C.
Our family has been involved with Life Purpose Planning since the first print version in 2005. We’ve used it successfully with our own three children, now grown, and with countless other families, organizations, and even adults. We highly recommend the process and fully support the creators and maintainers of it!
Roger & Sue Farr
The material was so practical. I especially appreciated the emphasis on building relationships with our young adults. The questioning process with specific ideas on types of inquiries really does help both student and parent get to the core of what really motivates.
Doreen S.
Angie N
Before I knew my purpose, there were way too many open doors, each begging me to waste my life wandering from room to room trying to figure out where I belonged. The Life Purpose Planning Course helped close the doors that have no real value to my life, and to walk purposefully through the one that God has been leading me towards for years. I now know what to say no to, and best of all, what to say yes to, and I look forward to the plans that God has for me.
Angie N.
“Going through Life Purpose Planning at a young age allowed me to make choices about my education, career, and future through a lens of purpose with conscious awareness of my God-given gifts and passions. Life Purpose Planning gave me the clarity and focus to move forward with major life decisions and transitions that may have become major stumbling blocks without this training. After finishing my bachelors in Psychology from Thomas Edison State University last year, I was blessed to marry my sweet husband and now work as a crisis case manager near Austin, Texas. I plan to pursue a Masters in Social Work this coming fall, to further practice my life purpose in my career path.
Deborah D.


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