The heart of a young person is not lost at once. Rather, the loss occurs as a result of unhealed hurts, criticism, lack of parental involve­ment, or a combination of these three influences.

Gradually, as a young person transfers his allegiance to someone other than Mom and Dad, parents lose their potential for influence. However, gaining and keeping the heart results in direction, protection, and the resources of the parents made available to assist the young person.

A quick quiz can help you—as a parent or young person—begin the process of repairing relationships.

Take this quiz separately, from the young person’s perspective, and then compare answers. But do not stop there. Seek to understand why a certain answer is given. Ready?

  • Who is your best friend?

  • If you had one hour of free time to do anything you wanted to do, either alone or with someone else, what would it be?

  • What do you dream about doing, becoming, or participating in?

  • What is your greatest fear?

  • What types of books do you enjoy reading? What book have you read recently?

  • What change would you like to see in your parents?

  • Who or what has emotionally or spiritually hurt you the most?

  • What individual, either living or dead, do you respect the most?

  • What activity do you enjoy doing most with your parents?

  • What do you like the best about your father and mother?

How do your answers compare to your child’s answers? A high score indicates a good grasp of your young person’s heart, while a low score indicates the need for additional dialogue. Regardless of your score, use these questions to get to know your young person and the “why’s” behind his answers. You will all be glad you did!

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