Life Purpose Planning Online


For years, people have used the faith-based print version of the Life Purpose Planning Workbook to discover who they are, where they are going, and how they will get there. And now, with almost 50,000 workbooks spread across the globe, we’ve launched an online version!


What’s New?

Get started with the workbook
    • Ten motivational “How To” videos for the student taught by Dewey Novotny that highlights everything that we’ve been learning over the years.
    • Student summary pages for each lesson. This automated system pulls student answers to lesson questions and then organizes everything into one spot. Additionally, these pages can be printed off for mentor feedback or group discussions.
    • Expanded tips if you get stuck for main questions and concepts.
    • A significant update to the methodology and creation of a five-year vision and one-year plan.
    • “Mentor moment” touch points: Students are encouraged to identify and seek out advice from someone that they admire or respect. To get the conversation started, there is at least one dialogue question for each lesson.
    • A back-end, simple support system for parents, group leaders, and mentors. This includes a training video for mentor and parents, suggested questions for discussion, and dialogue ideas for each lesson (once the student submits their lesson summary).

    Take A Peek

    This resource is a power-packed, practical tool to help you explore God’s working in your past, His dreams for your future, and identify the steps of action required to maximize the present! The site includes multimedia helps, student examples, and inspirational stories provided to help walk you through the Life Purpose process. There is also the ability to team up with a mentor to deepen your experience and broaden the perspective and observations you will receive along the way. It’s our prayer that you might fully understand your potential to change a life, or better yet…the world!

    The life purpose discovery process is just that—a process. This resource is not accomplished in one sitting or with a multiple choice questionnaire. It involves significant thought, prayer, discussion with parents or a mentor, and the jotting down of ideas as they come to mind. This method is really all about peeling back the layers of an individual’s life and heart through questions…deep questions that help identify an uncommon cause worth living for.

    Three sections walk a student through the process of discovering who they are called to be and what God is calling them to do. With this in mind, they outline a plan of action to faithfully carry out the exciting purposes God reveals.

    Price: $39

    $39 for lifetime access to all of the above!

    Mentoring a group of 10 or more? Contact us for a 50% discount on the online course.


    Section One: Discover Your Purpose
    Students evaluate where they are in their walk with Christ, identify areas for further growth and development, and draft a Being Purpose Statement that expresses their relationship with Christ and verbalizes who He desires them to become.

    • Consider the past, present, and future as you identify life themes, surrender to a high calling, and commit to accomplish it
    • Personalize life roles and determine essential elements of success
    • Benefit from mentor input and take ownership of your life

    Section Two: Define Your Pursuit
    Students explore the past activities, present circumstances, dreams, and burdens for others that God placed in their lives in order to understand and verbalize strengths, giftedness, and recurring interests. They then combine their discoveries and burdens into a life purpose statement that helps launch them into life and jump out of bed each morning! This statement serves as a filter for evaluating future opportunities.

    • Summarize major discoveries in a Life Purpose Statement that addresses God’s work in you and through you
    • Combine skills and gifts into a delightful and effective method to serve your primary audience of interest and concern
    • Determine the big challenge that you must meet and exceed

    Section Three: Develop Your Plan of Action
    Working from the perspective of the five life roles and their purpose statement, students identify the “biggest need” as it relates to the fulfillment of their life purpose and develop a wise and balanced plan of action that incorporates a multi-year vision and a one-year, detailed plan.

    • Identify wise stretching goals and appropriate steps of action to equip, engage, and inspire
    • Prepare a wise, balanced, and purposeful five-year vision
    • Arrange a yearly plan to efficiently and effectively change your world

    Coaching Service

    We’ve teamed up with StudentHero to offer two different personalized coaching packages. They will pace you through the entire purpose discovery process and help you put it into a plan of action! Ready to get started? Find out more.