The Life Purpose Planning Online Course has 10 lessons, and each lesson has an engaging video, thought-provoking questions that cover the topic, a discussion question to get feedback from a parent, and an opportunity for getting feedback from a mentor.

Section One: Discover Your Purpose

Students evaluate where they are in their walk with Christ, identify areas for further growth and development, and draft a Being Purpose Statement that expresses their relationship with Christ and verbalizes who He desires them to become.

– Consider the past, present, and future as you identify life themes, surrender to a high calling, and commit to accomplish it
– Personalize life roles and determine essential elements of success
– Benefit from mentor input and take ownership of your life

Section Two: Define Your Pursuit

Students explore the past activities, present circumstances, dreams, and burdens for others that God placed in their lives in order to understand and verbalize strengths, giftedness, and recurring interests. They then combine their discoveries and burdens into a life purpose statement that helps launch them into life and jump out of bed each morning! This statement serves as a filter for evaluating future opportunities.

– Summarize major discoveries in a Life Purpose Statement that addresses God’s work in you and through you

– Combine skills and gifts into a delightful and effective method to serve your primary audience of interest and concern

– Determine the big challenge that you must meet and exceed

Section Three: Develop Your Plan of Action

Working from the perspective of the five life roles and their purpose statement, students identify the “biggest need” as it relates to the fulfillment of their life purpose and develop a wise and balanced plan of action that incorporates a multi-year vision and a one-year, detailed plan.

– Identify wise stretching goals and appropriate steps of action to equip, engage, and inspire

– Prepare a wise, balanced, and purposeful five-year vision

– Arrange a yearly plan to efficiently and effectively change your world