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The Life Purpose Planning Print Workbook is a little workbook to help you design a wise, purposeful plan of action. This 64-page book has the potential to change a life, or better yet… the world! It’s a power-packed, practical tool to help you explore God’s working in your past, His dreams for your future, and identify the steps of action required to maximize the present!

Three chapters walk a student through the process of discovering who they are called to be and what God is calling them to do. With this in mind, they outline a plan of action to faithfully carry out the exciting purposes God reveals.

Chapter One: Students evaluate where they are in their walk with Christ, identify areas for further growth and development, and draft a Being Purpose Statement that expresses their relationship with Christ and verbalizes who He desires them to become.

Chapter Two: Students explore the past activities, present circumstances, dreams, and burdens for others that God placed in their lives in order to understand and verbalize strengths, giftedness, and recurring interests. They then combine their discoveries and burdens into a life purpose statement that helps launch them into life and jump out of bed each morning! This statement serves as a filter for evaluating future opportunities.

Chapter Three: Working from the perspective of the five life roles and their purpose statement, students identify the “biggest need” as it relates to the fulfillment of their life purpose and develop a wise and balanced plan of action that incorporates a multi-year vision and a one-year, detailed plan.

The life purpose discovery process is just that—a process. This resource is not accomplished in one sitting or with a multiple-choice questionnaire. It involves significant thought, prayer, discussion with parents or a mentor and the jotting down of ideas as they come to mind. This methodology is really all about peeling back the layers of an individual’s life and heart through questions…deep questions that help identify an uncommon cause worth living for.