Poor choices are made simply by failing to act upon better choices. These are the soft choices reserved for the slothful and for cowards. Poor choices resemble open doors: no key is required and most paths lead there. Most friends encourage you to enter and are willing to go along.

Good choices are made by those who run, but run without direction. Lacking a clear goal, these individuals draw concentric circles around their choices and claim to have hit their target. They find themselves unfulfilled, unchallenged, and restless. Good choices are usually locked doors: you earn the key through hard work, but a lack of purpose makes the results unsatisfying.

Excellent choices are perfect opportunities presented with perfect timing. They often come disguised as hard work, service to others, or perhaps an impossibility. They are options reserved for individuals of courage and determination who prepare with a purpose. All but the strongest run from this choice. These choices are presented when preparation meets opportunity: the key is molded by God, handed to you at just the right time, and fulfills His dreams and goals for you.